Friday, November 6, 2009

An Empty Shelf!

Here it is, isn't it beautiful? It's been two months since I've seen emptiness atop that shelf. It means that the last quilt-for-hire has been quilted. hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!! :)

The last quilt was a 40 year old top, originally meant for the owner's son, who now has his own son. The maker was the owner's mother, so in some sense it's a 4 generation quilt. wow. I'm glad to be part of helping it get finished. All it needs is binding.

With an older quilt like this, I hesitate to do anything other than stitch in the ditch and outline. I want Great-Grandma's handiwork to be the focal point, not the quilting.

And there you go. That's it for today's episode of "In the Studio." Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting... :)

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Nina-Marie said...

gosh Susan - aduhhh - you're not suppose to let anybody know that you got all your for hire work done - they'll just bring you more to do!! grin! Congrats - its a great feeling huh?! (I'm off to work on the cows)