Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heh heh heh

I've decided that my favorite small-time purchase of 2009 has been the humane animal trap. I never would have believed it. But apparently, as Quilted Time says, we've got the tastiest snacks in the neighborhood, and all the riff raff come here to dine.

If I didn't have the outside cats, only rats and gophers would be an issue. Or, if we were to get a dog (heaven forbid!), freeloading varments likely wouldn't be an issue. But we have cats and the neighbors have dogs. That translates to the animal kingdom as "Free All You Can Eat Buffet, served here nightly!"

This fellow didn't worry about being caught. When we got home at 9:30pm, he was waiting for us. He's so ugly that he's almost cute. Note that I said ALMOST. I shudder when I see these things. I shudder when I type about these things. I will call animal control when their doors open, and request yet another animal relocation. Somehow I don't think I've seen the last of them. This brings my capture total to three...

I spent some time in the Studio yesterday, but it was primarily organizational/sorting/cleaning time. I got a call around noon, which was perfect timing. A client wanted some embroidery done. I was very pleased that she called before I put the machine away!

She's making stockings for her dogs, Foxie and Roxie. She brought by the stocking cuffs, and I set to work on the names. First I type them into the computer...

Then I test-sew on muslin (to be sure it will fit)

And finally, I sew it out on her fabric.

I forgot to take pictures of the finished cuffs. oh well. Trust me. They'll be the snazziest dog stockings in her neighborhood, with the gold yenmet thread embroidered on plush red and green velveteen...ho ho ho


quiltedtime said...

Ha ha ha! And I thought you were making those stockings for your opossum family.


Tanya said...

Well, I guess possums have to make a living somewhere.

Love your new profile picture!