Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last November Weekend

*sigh* The November festivities have drawn to a close. Thursday started with this:

I forgot to take a picture once it was finished. It was a thing of beauty, and moist to boot. :) Here is one Sleeping Seal of Approval. (The second vetoed my picture posting. He was asleep in the middle of the hall floor. He is not a cat.)

Time to think about Christmas. Does Kris Kringle look in the mood? I'd say so...

Here are the three boys, before the two youngest headed back to Davis. (That would be the two on the right.)

In between, I've been busy. I wasn't going to post this, but then it occurred to me: The recipient most likely does not visit this blog.

I tried it out. It works! I think I need one!

Here is yesterday's project from the outside:

Here's the inside:

If you think it's for you, you're probably right! :)

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