Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Baby is 20!!!

How did it happen? Where did the years go? When did he grow up? I tell you, blinking is a scary thing! :)

Here are a few pictures of my joy boy, taken during the past couple of years...

"Mom, can you make me a Mr. Incredible suit for class color day?"

"Mom, I want to be a yellow teletubby for class color day..."

"Mom, I need a Peter Pan suit..."

"Do you think you could make a toga?"

This one's not dress-up - they had a huge air-soft battle earlier this year. My boy was prepared.

Last year he took out the Christmas tree for us. It's a real tree, and it was at least 11' tall...

Here he is with Charlie. :) They both like to sleep a lot. I think Charlie wins, if it's a contest.

Hello? Hello? One of the phones is dying, but which one?

Little boys love playing in the sand...

These are my most recent pics, stolen from Facebook. This was taken on the Tuesday before Halloween,

I believe this was taken on the actual day...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!!

And of course, the only picture I took of his birthday card loads twisted. I've loaded it twice, but Blogger insists. Turn your head to see the card....

And that's all I've got for today!!!

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Nina-Marie said...

Susan - you are tooo funny!! So what is this post saying - that I will be making costumes for my daughter through her teen years and into her adulthood LOL! They are amazing!