Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Work From Retreat

I promised to share pictures of some of the things I worked on at Retreat. I didn't take anything that required much concentration, because I don't sew well or think well in a busy workroom. Here is my Friday project. I had a stack of over-cut blocks leftover from my daughter's graduation quilt. They are FINALLY sewn together. Go Bears!

I had 18 to sew, and was thrilled to complete the task by about 8pm Friday night. Here is the complete set. I was even more thrilled to count and find I now have 40 blocks to play with.

My Saturday day-waster is still in a bag. I haven't been motivated to unpack it. I need to take a "before" picture, so you can see where I should have added another 1" border. I'll add the border, take the picture, and then post the pictures side by side. You may be waiting for a while.

Next up is my Saturday evening project. It went really well until midnight. I should have stopped at 11:30pm. I cut the hole too big. groan. I spent two hours on Sunday morning, trying to repair the damage. I just made it worse. It took three hours yesterday to achieve this. I think it's done for now. (The fish was made about 8 years ago. It's been looking for a home.)

I worked on something else for the remainder of yesterday afternoon. Again, it was one I began at Hartland. I'll share it later this week.

While I was working, I noticed Edgar out on the lawn. His ears were perked, so I knew something was up. You can't quite see it...

See it now?

Big tough gopher kept jumping AT the cat...

Doesn't Edgar look gorgeous? He's got quite a mane this winter. From the picture you'd never realize that he's a dinky little kitty, barely weighing 8 pounds...

I think the game is almost over.

"Lord, for what we are about to receive, we give You thanks..."

I do hope that this is/was the invader that decided to tunnel through my "secret garden" next to the front door. I couldn't believe it when I saw a hole as close to the house as he could possibly get. Edgar, you are my hero!!!! xxx ooo

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Tanya said...

Edgar certainly is a gorgeous cat!! I love that first picture of him checking out the gopher. Why didn't the gopher just go back down his tunnel? Why did he stick around to play with Edgar. Suicidal gopher?