Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Rain

The latest Arctic blast has arrived, and it's shivering me timbers. brrr!!! The high according to my car has been 51 today. For the most part it's been 47 and raining. I see blue skies clearing right now. If the clouds blow away will it warm up enough to keep away the freeze that is threatening the citrus growers? I hope so. I know there are some who are praying for a miracle.

Our ginkoes are noticeably more yellow than they were a few days ago. Some of the trees around town have already begun dropping their leaves. Ours must be more sheltered than those.

Indoors, this is my first noticeable hint that we're rapidly approaching the holiday season. It will be here before I know it. Is it sneaking up on you too?

Yesterday I stopped at Thimble Towne and this luscious batik screamed at me from the shelf. Seriously. I looked at it and started salivating. Is it really blue? I mean, is it THE blue? Is it the right one to use as borders on a quilt that has been tossed aside because I could not find matching border fabric?

By golly, I do believe it is!! (It is actually darker than the upper pic and lighter than the lower pic. It is just right.)

And finally, I'm sitting inside, doing some beading. bead faster, bead faster!

The deadline (I almost wrote deathline) is approaching faster than I can sew them on. Bead faster! Bead faster!

At least the quilt-for-hire pile is growing smaller...

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