Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Mystery Plant Sighting

I worked for the bulk of yesterday on the show, but needed to get out of the house for a break. I promised my son I would check on his dog.

Remember that quivering bag of bones? The toothless one in heat, full of infection and suffering from kidney disease? Looks like some TLC agrees with her.

I actually took this picture over the weekend. When I'm there alone, she still slinks along the fence line, trying to stay outside my field of vision.

I pulled some weeds out of a newly discovered iris bed and found these plants. Are they weeds? Or? The plant structure reminds me of Easter lilies. Do you suppose they are intentionally planted among the irises? Or are they weeds?

Here's another view. oh wait! That oak tree has got to go! As does the red bucket. I wonder what it held? There's a lot of clean-up that needs to be done out back, but I didn't have time for more than a 5 minute "Howdy, dog" and weed-pulling session.

What do you think? Is this plant a friend or foe?


Anonymous said...

Could it be oleander(sp)? The dog looks wonderful. She has good people!! Linda

kat said...

Looks like euphorbia of some sort to me - my favourites - don't pull them yet just in case!