Friday, April 22, 2011

A Walk through the Walnut Garden

First, I will share with you the shocking orange iris that bloomed in my yard this morning. Oh my!! I've never had an orange iris before! I looked back at the rhizomes I bought a few years back at the Sutton Iris Garden, and sure enough, I bought an orange one called "Gratuity." This is the first time it's bloomed for me. I was not only shocked, I am thrilled! :)

I hadn't been by the walnuts since Monday of quilt show week, which was April 4. A lot has happened since then, in terms of growth. Just look at what greeted me as I walked to the front door! I don't have this pale purple iris at my real house. :)

As I walked around back, my son pointed out his new neighbors. One is on this ledge,

The other on this one. He says they are VERY noisy, and chatter and carry on all night long. "If it was one sound, I would get used to it, but they sing, scream, scold, and chirp incessantly." *yawn.*

You'd think Mr. Cat would do something about the intruders, but he likes his cat chow. Apparently he is now retired.

Chupa is still plugging along, although she's been a bad dog this week. She ran out the open gate, so she spent the morning locked on the wrong side. Now that she's been allowed back in, I hope she stays put. Running off through the orchard when her owner is on his way out the door to work is NOT the way to endear herself to him. Foolish dog. I think she knows she's never had it so good, because she kept trying to figure out how to get back INSIDE the yard. I think that's a first for her...

Two of these Dutch iris bloomed. I planted dozens, but they're in a bed that I thought would be flowers and Chupa claimed as hers.

Here's a look at Andrew's garden. He has carrots and radishes and turnips and beets. He also has some spinach, lettuce, and potatoes. His tomatoes don't seem very happy. His weeds are abundant. I spent some time helping him weed. When he asked why, I told him, "I don't want the weeds to win!"

The mystery tree from a few months back now has peaches. mmmm. I can't wait.

A second tree, on the backside of the yard has them as well.

Have you ever seen such a monster of a grapevine? The arbor is overgrown, as is the dog run. Little baby grapes are everywhere. mmm. :)

A different kind of flowering vine is on the backside of the shed.

When asked what it was, I told my son, "I don't know, but if I post a picture online, I will probably have an answer for you within 24 hours!" :)

Beneath that white vine are these irises. I don't have any like this at my real house either. :)

Remember the mystery plant, that I had pictures of here? This is what it now looks like. I still don't know, is it a friend or a foe? Anyone? Can you ID it for me?

And that's what I've got for you today. I spent several hours out there, first mopping the floor and straightening a bit inside, then outside, pulling weeds and doing some general puttering. It's grand fun to see what each season has to offer, and even more fun to know that we will actually be able to consume the fruits of our labor. :)


Del said...

The vine with the small white flowers is some form of nicotiana, but right now Google won't let me in to check it out. Have no idea what the mystery plant is - my guess is that it is a weed.
Peach trees! Who knew? Love, Del

kat said...

as I thought when you first posted it, euphorbia peplus, see it here

and the white one will be a solanum of some sort, possibly jasminoides, see here

LOVE these irises and a very fine cat