Friday, June 3, 2011

Do You See It?

The repairman is here and his girlfriend just called. "There's a ring around the sun! Is it the end of the world?" If it's so dramatic that it inspires that kind of thinking, I'd better go take a look!

It seems to me that I just read an article about this happening a few weeks ago and that it only happens every multiple hundreds of years. I must have imagined the article.

Since I've been home I've been playing catch-up. What with broken appliances and doctor's appointments, I've been busy, busy, busy. Charlie goes in for his follow-up visit in an hour or so. He's not looking forward to it. He'd rather sleep.

I thought I ought to show you my final display for the Tuesday afternoon walk-about from Asilomar. Everyone thinks I am a pink person. Pink, pink, pink. bleah. I only have these colors because I DIDN'T have these colors. I had just gone shopping, remember? I brought my purchases with me. This is what they morphed into.

My favorite piece is on the bottom. I messed up the binding and ruined it. It will take a day to reclaim and restore it, but that day will not be today.

I HAD to take a picture of Peggy taking a picture. I might not be pink, and I might not think pink, but apparently I can work with pink somewhat effectively.

Now that I know that, I'll never have to do it again, right? :)

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Nina-Marie said...

I'm glad you showed your work area - wow - it looks nice - was there enough light? But here is the really important questions - how was the food and sleep arrangements?