Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Iron


So the new, inexpensive Sunbeam iron proved the adage "You get what you pay for." I haven't used it much, but for some reason, the teflon coating is wearing off. Can you see the edge? The iron does not move smoothly across a fabric surface. I thought perhaps it had something on it, and tried some iron cleaner. There's nothing on the plate's surface, the fabric hangs up on the iron's rough edge. arg.

As I walked through Costco, I saw a deal. I put it in my cart.

This has to be the strangest looking iron I've ever seen, but maybe it will do the job it's been hired to do. German engineering, perhaps?

Yep. Here we go's a merry-go-round...

Now back to quilting.


Vicki W said...

Good luck with it. I hate to tell you that mine is already acting up (8 month old).

Kay said...

Another Rowenta--I agree with Vicki. Good luck.

quiltedtime said...

Black & Decker. The best :-). Just get the higher end model that turns off on its own. Great since I worry about the cats knocking it over.