Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Changing Seasons

There have been a lot of unusual bird noises around here lately. The seasons are changing, and so are our feathered friends. honk honk! The Canadian geese have been cruising through. peep peep! So have the hummingbirds. This one stopped for a sip on his way to warmer climes.

This morning it was 47 degrees. seriously. That's COLD for our neck of the woods this early in the year. What happened to fall? It was summer a mere 10 days ago.

In fact, my coxcomb plants are still sprouting, still bursting into color. Most of them look like this.

A few of them look like this...

One special one looks like this. Can you see it? It is staked to a pole, and stands more than 3 feet tall.

Mr. DeMille? My close-up...I think this is one of the most spectacular specimens I've ever raised. I plant them from seed every year.

The change of seasons and arrival of October mean it's time to make more birthday cards. I thought I'd show you the clear sleeves that I store cards in. I mail them in vellum envelopes.

Or I deliver them in person. Happy Birthday, Carletta!

That's it for today. Enjoy!

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