Monday, October 25, 2010

More Weekend Pictures

First, I've got a picture of us with our daughter and son-in-law. It was taken at Oxbow Market in Napa.

On Sunday, we stopped in this town on our way home.

We took our "little" boys to lunch. The gal behind the counter asked, "Are they your sons? They look just like you two!"

They have Dad's looks,

And my hair...

The picture doesn't do me justice. First of all, I've got a LOT of hair. Second, I'd just washed it with the hotel's supplied "volumizing shampoo," like I really needed it. Third, it was raining and raining and I had a massive case of frizzies. It was wild.

Finally, I've got a picture of a cat that lives in our boy's neighborhood. He says the cat is 20 years old. Seriously, 20 years old. She looks every day of those 20 years, and has the creepiest eyes I've ever seen on a live cat.

I know this is a random lot, but that's what I've got for today. Thanks for stopping by...


Deborah said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

pb said...

Those boys are handsome! Almost as good looking as mine.