Friday, October 8, 2010

This n That

This morning I opened the newspaper and saw this ad for an upcoming Art Faire. Hey! I recognize the quilt on the right! That's my quilt!!

It was my 2004 Hoffman Challenge quilt, "Trip Around Tahiti," photographed at the 2005 Best of the Valley quilt show. Wow. How's that for dating a photo from the newspaper's archives? ;)

I was flipping through to the ads for this week's selection of Estate Sales. hmm. This one looks intriguing. A three day sale? They must have a lot to unload.

I drove by and helped them unload.

What do you think of this "hand-carved teak" table? I LOVE it. It reminds me of some of the furniture that my grandfather had in his home. That seems to be my downfall. I go to Estate Sales, and see things that trigger good memories. I can't help myself - well, I can, if the price is wrong - but for $40? I love this piece! I can definitely find a place to put it.

A couple of friends have mentioned that I haven't shown many cat pictures lately. Here are last night's antics. Edgar has the chair, Malcolm has the floor.


And now I should to get to work. Maybe I'll have something quiltie to share by the end of the weekend. Stranger things have happened...

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