Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Two Finishes

I completely finished two baby quilts on Sunday.  Well, all finished, except for labels.
 I also went back to the Tiara, and successfully quilted a third baby quilt.  It still needs binding.
When I went to this year's Completed Quilt/UFO list, I was quite surprised to see that I'd neglected to mark off several quilts.  wow!  I've done a better job posting on this blog than I have on my design wall paperwork, and yet, I see that I have another finish that I didn't get posted here.

What can I say?  Life.

Baby girl, or should I say Toddling Granddaughter will be here in 30 minutes.  She's one reason the paperwork has gone by the wayside.  I guess I'm just Grammie these days, and not Quilting Grammie.  Those days will come, eventually.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Block of the Month

Guild met on Thursday.  The response to the Monkey Wrench block for November was wonderful.
 For next month, we're doing Corn & Beans.  I'm hopeful that the response to this one will be great as well.
Other than writing patterns and sewing samples, I've quilted one baby quilt and attached the binding.  Once it's stitched down, I'll have a finish.  yay!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Been Busy

huh.  I'm not sure what happened, but I just lost my post.

To recap, last week was our guild retreat.  We went to Wonder Valley, where we sewed up a storm.  I was happy with my work space, though I ended up labeled as an anti-social wall builder.  oh well.
 I was thankful that Wendy VB left early and left her Ott light behind.  I'd forgotten to bring mine, and I spent HOURS working on applique.
 I was making chairs.  This is one of my rejects - the color was all wrong for the quilt top.  oh well.  It will go into my UFO pile and perhaps became part of something else someday.
I was also able to get two baby quilts pieced together.  I basted them last night.
 I'm hopeful that I can quilt them sometime soon.
Guild meets tomorrow.  I need to get together the pattern and samples for Block of the Month.  Busy, busy, and it's just the start of busy season.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Blocks of the Month

The last time I posted, I realized that I'd been remiss in sharing the past months' blocks of the month with you.  I am the Block of the Month chairman for Valley Oak Quilt Guild.  We've had excellent participation throughout the summer, which was unexpected.  Some of the blocks have been challenging, and yet, the guild members have been willing to give it a try.

Our block for July was an 8-pointed star.  I asked the members to make one for the drawing, and one for a Quilt of Honor, to be given to a veteran at the county fair.  The blocks were returned, but the turn-around time was too fast.  The quilt will be ready for 2019.  These were the blocks in the drawing:
 The block for August was Delectable Mountains, done in "mountain" colors.  Twenty eight blocks should be enough to make a quilt top.
 September's block was Sister's Choice.  It, too, was pretty popular.  Love the colors!
 October's block was a bit over-the-top challenging, with the Wild Goose Chase. And yet, the results are wonderful!  I'm sure the winner was over the moon with delight.
After such a time-consuming block last month, the block for November is something simple.  What could be easier than a Monkey Wrench?  Hmmm  I thought I had a picture of the sample blocks, but I don't seem to be able to easily access them.  Maybe next time.

Hope you enjoyed the show.  I know I've had a lot of fun choosing blocks each month.  It's always great to choose one that is a hit with the members.  Now, hmmm.  What to choose for December...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Last week was a whirlwind of setting up and taking down.  Our house at the walnut orchard was transformed into a wedding venue.  It was fabulous.  Just look at it!  (This picture was taken the night before, during the rehearsal dinner.)
 Four of the seven women in the wedding party are expecting.  wow!
 The pictures were taken before the ceremony.  Here they are setting up for the professional.
 Don't they look wonderful?
I took 100+ photos, and the photographer took another 200.  I think the bride and groom were smiling in every one!
 Above are all of our sons, together in one frame.  That doesn't happen very often.  And below are our two granddaughters, together as flower girls.  That doesn't happen often either!
It was a lovely evening, filled with love and friendship and excellent food.  The tents went up on Friday, and came down on Sunday, all done by family and friends.  Very good friends.  I hope that I speak truth when I say a good time was had by all.  I know I had a wonderful day.  It is good to see one's child so very very happy.  :)

And sometime during the week, I was able to send off a birthday card.  whew!

I plan to sew tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  Goals are good!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Busy Month

Last week, I gave a trunk show at Valley Oak Quilt Guild.  The following day, I taught a class.  I called it "Freeform Seascapes."  I think it went really well, though there were only five students.  It was a lot of fun, and each seemed pretty happy with their results.  They were all quilting by the time the class ended, and one student even had the binding on her quilt!

Here are the student projects:
 The next day, our son and daughter-in-law arrived from Missouri.  They're here for the wedding on Saturday.  Our last son is getting married.  woohoo!

I put off making the flower girl dress until this past weekend.  You know how children are.  They grow so quickly and unexpectedly.  I wanted to be sure I only had to make one dress.  :)
 whew!!  It fits!  yay!!
So, yes.  I've been quite busy.  Next week everything should calm down a bit.  I cleared out my Sewing Annex.  I removed the twin bed and replaced it with a queen.  Did I tell you that I went to the Common Threads boutique?  I did.  And I came away with a quilt, made by The Pointless Quilter.  Isn't it perfect?
The kids say the room is quite comfortable.  yay!!  It's taken me years to put a second queen bed in my house, but now that I've done it?  I wonder why I didn't do it long ago.  oh well.  Oh, and it's a Casper mattress, which my boys all say is the best bed ever.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to check in next week with some pictures from the wedding.  Goals are good!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I'm Working on Something...

I've pulled the fabrics.  Today is set aside for cutting and sewing.
 A few days ago, our little granddaughter had her first birthday.  Time has wings!!
 In honor of her party, our other granddaughter was in town.  See what I mean about time flying?  How did she get to be so big?!!
And that's all I've got for now.  Hope you're also working on something wonderful.  :)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

And A Finish!

Finished the binding yesterday.  woohoo!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Bit o This, A Bit o That

The Tulare County Fair is long gone, but I have a few favors to remember it by.
 This week we're having the floors replaced out at our walnut ranch.  There's going to be a wedding there next month.  We are definitely looking forward to it!
The nuts are ripe, and were harvested last week, on the same day that they began work on the floors.
Our granddaughter turns one on Friday.  That year has gone quickly!!  She's walking everywhere.  Here she is with Raggedy Andy.  I made him for my daughter 35 years ago.  I think Little A likes him better than my daughter ever did.  
And that's about it for now.  There is a bit of stitching going on right now, but not much.  My quilts came back safely from PNQE.  I have a different quilt packed and ready to ship to PIQF.  Other than that?  I got nuthin'.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

County Fair

The Tulare County Fair is currently open, and will be through Sunday.  I was pleased to spot "Harvest Barns" front and center, wearing a BOS, Professional rosette.  The quilt below it, with the pincushion, was made by my friend Wendy VB.  Her rosette reads Best of Division.  Fun, fun, fun!!

 I spent a few hours on each of the past few days helping with the handquilting on our 2019 opportunity quilt.  The red, white, and blue quilt hanging behind the frame is our 2018 opportunity quilt.  It sports a blue ribbon, a Best of Division rosette, and Best of Show.  woohoo!!  Good job, Valley Oak Quilt Guild!!
I may not have been spending much time creating quilts, but this year?  I'm making an effort to enter the quilts that I have been able to finish.  whew!!  Goals are good!!

P.S.  I also have two quilts hanging at PNQE in Oaks, PA this weekend.  A third quilt has been accepted to PIQF in October.  yay!

Last Legs of Our Road Trip

We finally arrived in Mendocino just before dark.  We stayed in a B&B, just off of Hwy 1.  It was the...Josiah Grindle House?  Joshua Grindle House.  It was quite lovely.
 After all those hours on the road, it was nice to sit in the Adirondack chairs and just absorb the lovely gardens and their birdlife.
 Despite it being August, everything was blooming.  So different from home, where the heat pounds everything into submission.
 I imagine turning this into a quilt...one day, some day, in the far distant future.
We had a nice dinner in town, and a lovely breakfast in the morning.  We then checked out and drove to the overlook, to see the ocean view.  It was grey and foggy and nothing like the sparkling blue water of previous days.
 The town has water towers throughout.  Perhaps that helps to keep everything so green and lush.
 Up the road a bit, we stopped at the Sea Glass Museum, where we learned that Sea Glass Beach (in Fort Bragg) used to be the dump.  That's why there is so much sea glass to be found on its shores.  The glass is in small pea-sized bits at this point, but it's still worth checking out.  Maybe you'll be the lucky one to find that treasured piece of purple glass.
 The sentries here were crows, not sea gulls.  Interesting.
 And it was cool enough for poppies to still be in bloom.
 We stopped for lunch at this burger place.  Paul Bunyan eats here?  We must be headed to redwood country!
And so we were.  I guess I'll leave the last leg until next time.  Hope you're enjoying our travels!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Traveling North

Our destination, once we'd crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, was Olema.  It is the town closest to Point Reyes.  We talked of Muir Woods, we talked of the light house, we talked of more elephant seals and sea lion rookeries...and then we got detoured.  Instead of the Shoreline Hwy, we were sent along the Panoramic Hwy.  Up Mt. Tamalpais.  winding winding back and forth, up and down, 20-30 mph.  It took SO long, there was NO WAY I would back track to Muir Woods!  NO WAY.

Olema is a cute blink in the road.  We stayed in the Point Reyes Inn, and saw this across the street.  Quaint.  We had our best meal on the road at the Farmhouse Restaurant, next door.
 The next morning, we were told that the road to Point Reyes was being renovated, so we couldn't see anything there, either.  We took a loop through some tall trees near Olema, to make up for missing Muir Woods.
Our next destination was Mendocino.

Had we known how slow we would be traveling, we might have skipped the tree loop or stopped someplace sooner.  We looked for a place to stop in Bodega Bay, but there was nothing on the highway.  We found a restroom just past Bodega Bay, at a Snowy Plover nesting area.  I didn't see any snowy plovers, but the view was intensely beautiful.
 I pointed out view points, and we pulled over for pictures.  This guy ruled this table.  It was his, marked and everything.  ;)
 We stopped at Fort Ross, the furthest south Russian settlement on the west coast.  It was fun to poke through and see a CA fort, so different from the stone structures we explored in Scotland.
 Back on the road, we watched for cows.  We saw a single deer on the road.  The cows stayed on the hills, where they belonged.
We stopped for food in Gualala, around 3pm.  It was the first food place we'd seen in HOURS.  We split a pizza, BBQ for him, Mendocino Veggie for her.
 We pulled into Point Arena Lighthouse 10 minutes before it closed for the day.  I snapped a picture and off we went, since we missed the tour window.  We eventually made it to Mendocino, just before sunset.
 And all along the roadside, near houses, near fences, in the middle of nowhere, the Naked Ladies were madly blooming.  They were EVERYWHERE.  It was like Johnny Appleseed hit CA and planted Naked Ladies instead of apple trees.  Quite the spectacular display of pink.  Apparently August is the month that they strut their stuff.   Lovely!
And I guess I'll leave you with that, as this is getting a bit long.  We still had a few places to land before heading south again.  Stay tuned, we'll catch up eventually.