Friday, September 5, 2008

Hoffman Challenge 2008

Just as we were preparing to leave for Germany, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Show was held in Colorado. This was the official unveiling of the entire 2008 Hoffman Challenge traveling collection. I couldn't be there, but my friend Sharon was, along with her camera. It's always fascinating to see what the various entrants have done with the challenge fabric. Here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of Sharon.

Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
with her fan-tastic quilt "Fan-ciful"
winner of
Best Machine Workmanship, Mixed Technique

Here she is again, this time with "Window of Tradition." It looks okay, doesn't it?

And here it is, up close. You can barely see it, hanging black on black. oops. But it does look like a window in the darkness...

I guess there were questions as to why I used that vivid orange for the ring. ummm. I thought it would pop? How's that? ;)

Also, there was a question about the quilting thread. I used black for the interior of the design, and red violet for the quilting in the black. That way all the stitches showed: if I'm going to hand quilt, I want you to know it. ;)

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Lisa Ellis said...

Suzanne, your quilt is stunning. This picture shows it even better than ones you have posted before. I can't wait to see it in Houston! Thank you to Sharon for sharing her photos and congratulations to her for winning a ribbon.