Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Plain Fun!

Sometimes quilting for hire is tedious, sometimes it's stressful, sometimes I don't want to do it, but sometimes? It's just plain fun!!!

Today was definitely a Fun day, with a capital F. It really helps that the quilt is so bright and cheery. Look at the happy flower fabric - it just makes you want to smile. (you can click on the photo to embiggen...)

Happy flower fabric calls for 'happy sunshine' quilting, so that's just what it got, along with some vines weaving up the diagonal.

And finally, here's a peek at the back. It's cute too! I LOVE it when a quilt sings, "Quilt me thusly!" and then is happy with the result. Happy quilt, happy quilter. Hopefully it's owner will be happy too...

And speaking of happy and having fun, look at this guy!

This is Malcolm, our INDOOR-ONLY cat. He's declawed, he's neurotic, he's paranoid, and he's jealous. He's spent too much time watching the little guys romp around outside enjoying themselves, so he stalked out there to join the party. His idea of fun is rolling in flower debris. Our son tried to pick him up, Malcolm hissed. He wanted to roll, roll, roll in ze flowers...

When he was done, he didn't even notice the flower dust all along his side. Silly Malcolm. Who would have guessed that you were a party animal?

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