Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pray For Our Troops

It was with a jolt that I saw today's date on a blog this morning. September 11...may we never forget.

Seven years ago, I was sitting at the computer, typing blithely away, when the phone rang. It was my husband telling me to turn on the news: the radio, the TV, it didn't matter. It was 6:30am, and the world had changed. The whole world was sent reeling, forever.

Several months ago, my friend Sharon asked me to "test sew" a pattern for her. I avoid wonder-under if possible, so I was her ideal guinea pig. I put the top together, and eventually quilted most of it.

God is good.

I had some free time on Tuesday, so I finished the quilting. Yesterday I bound and sleeved it. I even snapped a picture, not having a clue of today's date. My only planned post this morning was a fluff-piece about the county fair...which I will get to after this.

But for now, I'll lay this time aside to pass along a request: Please

Pray For Our Troops
pattern by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
sewn by Suzanne Kistler
September 10, 2008

If you are interested in buying the pattern, leave a comment with contact information. I'll pass it along to Sharon, and hopefully get you in touch with one another. And I guess I'll leave it at that...

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Lisa Ellis said...

It's beautiful. Thank you Sharon and Suzanne. I would love a copy of the pattern.