Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Travel Pouch

A few days before we left for Germany, I had suggestions from multiple persons to bring some sort of travel pouch. It needed to be small enough to wear under a sweater, but large enough to carry my passport, credit cards, cash and whatever.

After looking at a couple of pictures, I whipped this together the day before we left. I grabbed some leftover blocks from my 2005 Hoffman Challenge, and I was in business.

I built in two pockets. I kept my passport and maps and itinerary, etc., in the larger pocket, and my cash, such as I had, in the smaller. Man those euros slip through the fingers!! A nice strip of velcro held it closed.

Here I am, in Berlin, modeling the pouch. It was EXTREMELY useful, and I think it will become my quilt-show pouch. I usually haul around my purse, but who needs a purse at a quilt show? This will be perfect for any future day-long adventures...

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