Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doing My Part

Shopping, Day 2. I haven't been anywhere, really, or seen much of anything, other than quilt stores. But I have to say that the rumors are true. There are deals to be had, for anyone wanting to do their part to stimulate the economy. I, for one, have accepted the challenge, and now have Day 2 under my belt. Day 3 awaits, on Dec. 31.

For those of you who aren't sure whether it's worth a trip to Thimble Towne for their clearance sales, think again. This is what waits for you in the classroom. Every bolt is 50% off. wow. I couldn't get it all in the frame, but I tried. I waited for the bulk of the customers to wander into the other room, so that you could get a feel for what was available. Decisions, decisions. How does one decide?

Since I really don't need ANYTHING, it was easier said than done. I guess what was first and foremost in my mind were the baby quilts that need to be made. I bought more fabrics for my baby bin, as well as blenders that will work well with my usuals. I saved $125 on fabric alone! Big smile!

I also found this book in the backroom. For those of you who don't know, my mom died from breast cancer. I've debated about buying this book for a while; the 50% off sticker sealed the deal.

When you open it up, you find that Kathy Veltkamp, Thimble Towne's proprietress, has a quilt featured just inside. It was made from pink fabric from the collection of our friend Julie Reed. (She was an Itty Bitty, until cancer took her from us.)

And that's all for today's shopping report. I should probably go out and cruise the mall or something, but since that's not my favorite thing to do, I probably won't. Instead, I'll work on finding a place to stash these things. I have more clearance fabric shopping in my future, but the sewing dump is getting crowded. Time to transform it into a more inspirational setting.

Oh, and the clock is ticking towards 2009. Have you identified your January project for the 12 step program? I have. Hopefully by this time next week, I'll know exactly what step I want to tackle...


The Online Mom said...

My January commitment -
to machine quilt a boy baby quilt top I'm making for the grandson expected to be born Jan. 31. So it's not a flexible deadline!


Suzanne Kistler said...

Let me know as soon as it's done, okay? We'll celebrate with you, Brenda!!