Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Workshop Activity

I took a break from physical activity yesterday, and concentrated on producing something. This involved a 3 hour shopping expedition, as well as some quality workshop activity. I've been spending the morning wrapping gifts, and feel like I'm making a dent in my list. ho ho ho!

This is what I have on my table this morning. I started with much the same yesterday.

Obviously I've already begun work on the hearts, but not the stockings. Here is the front side of the heart stack.

Once they've been given a back and stuffed, I decorate the fronts. I've found that beading and ribbons work best for me. phooey on my attempts at embroidery. They look amateurish at best. I'll leave true crazy quilting to the professionals... :)

And finally, here is yesterday's finished production pile. yay!!

But I'm not yet done. There's more to follow. Stay tuned...same bat time, same bat station... ;) (or is it same batt time, same batt station?) ;)

1 comment:

cq4fun said...

All *very* cute. I was curious why you stuff and back them before stitching stuff on, though?