Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Did you miss me?

QuiltedTime was partially correct in asserting that I was covered with feathers. I WAS making feathers - lots of feathers! - but that wasn't the only reason I was missing from blogland. My computer got worms. ew gross!!

If you get a "notification" about a "Windows Antivirus" popping up on your computer, followed by an announcement that "you have a worm!" be aware that that IS the worm. And it's a nasty one. It showed up first thing Tuesday morning, and after talking with the local experts, I unplugged and took the ailing machine in for treatment. Two days later, it is clean and functioning. Sort of. It doesn't seem to like aol any more. Every time I try to check my email, Mozilla goes bye bye. Sigh. Life in the computer age.

But take away my computer? I go into an ohmygoshwhereismycomputerIneedtopost/ sendemail/workonthemailinglist/writeupabio/checkmyfavoriteblogs panic. Every time I walked through the living room, it called out to me - a phantom computer.

Thank goodness it was curable!

So back to the feathers. After a rescue by Charlotte - I used an entire cone of YLI red, running out with one border to go - I was able to sit down and finish the quilt this afternoon. Here is the back:

Here is a close-up of the front:

And here is an overall shot of the quilt. It took hours upon hours to finish. I will turn it over to its owner on Monday. I hope she likes it!!

Judy Martin's Snake River Log Cabin pattern
by Barbara Brown 2009

Quilting for hire has not been the only thing I've been doing. Today was guild, and our guest speaker was Sally Collins. I took a picture of her, but it came out so poorly I think she would have been unhappy with me had I published it. Instead, I'll show you some of her quilts.

These take my breath away. Tomorrow I am signed up for her Precision Piecing class, which I am really looking forward to. I've seen her classroom at Asilomar, and know that she is a very patient, organized, skilled teacher. Hopefully some of her skill will rub off on moi. :)

Here's another view of her quilts. I included Charlotte in the picture so that you would have a sense of scale. Much of her piecing is done with 1/4" pieces. Mindboggling to say the least!

And that's it for now, dear friends. Oh, it is SO good to be back online!!!


Vicki W said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I would love to take a class with Sally Collins sometimes. I love her books.

quiltedtime said...


The back of the quilt really showcases your feathers. Beautiful!