Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Bit of Shopping

Did I promise to show you my PIQF purchases? I was very restrained compared to my last few quilt show forays. Funny that, since I've finished some quilts-for-hire and actually had depth to my checkbook! :) I was just much more interested in the quilts than I was in the vendors.

I bumped into another quilter yesterday at Costco, and asked if she'd been to the show. She agreed that this was the best edition of PIQF in years. I don't know what made it so outstanding. The quilts are always stunning, but 2009 seemed to bring out the very best. Either that, or I was TOTALLY in the mood for a quilt show. :)

But I digress. Here are the few things that I brought home:

I've got a bit of sea-colored roving, some wool that looks like it's still got lanolin in it, a few cones of King Tut, a couple of gewgaws, and a book. I had been looking for the mola lady, and I bought these two pieces. The fish was actually attached to a little burlap bag, but I removed it because I didn't care for the bag. The funny thing is, when I got home, I realized that these "molas" are actually just appliqued pieces. They don't have any of the layers of reverse applique that you find in traditional molas. :) Does this make them "cheater molas"? :)

On Saturday I was sitting on the couch and saw the backsides of Edgar and Malcolm. They were within a few feet of each other, and in identical positions. Their coloring is very similar, so I had to grab my camera and take a picture of these bookends. Malcolm shifted a bit, but they still crack me up.

That's all I've got for you today. My Studio is suddenly upside down, I don't even want to take a picture. The first order of business will be to organize, and then I've got that stack of quilts-for-hire. The sooner they are quilted, the sooner I can play with the ideas I came up with this weekend. I need more hours in the day. Either that, or more energy!!


quiltedtime said...

Curious.... What are you going to do with the roving and the wool?


Lisa Ellis said...

We will have to compare notes on the roving. I mentioned that I purchased the felting attachment for my sewing machine in Houston and can't wait to play with it.