Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Step - Finished!

Yay! Mission Accomplished! Was it cheating to pick something that could be finished so quickly? I don't know. It did throw my Bernina into an "I won't sew" mode, and put it into the shop waiting for a replacement part. In the end I accomplished two tasks, not one. yay!

Here is the overall quilt. It hangs nice and flat. The blocking worked wonders. :)

Sue Rasmussen Class Project
finished October 2009 by Suzanne Kistler

It was nice to get a chance to quilt a few more feathers after finishing the large feathered quilt-for-hire.

Here is an angle guaranteed to show the dimension the quilting adds. I am quite pleased with the result, which is actually a surprise. I was not all that excited about the quilt when I first started...

On another note, I need to congratulate some friends of mine. They are in the winner's circle at Houston. (I don't know that there is actually a winner's circle, I've never been there. But if there is a circle, they're in it.)

Congratulations to Sharon Schlotzhauer who won First Place in Art Quilts, Miniature AND Second Place in Art Quilts, Whimsical. Congratulations to Lynn Drennen & Friends, who won First Place in Group Quilts. Congratulations to Cindy Seitz-Krug & Molly Hamilton-McNally who won Second Place in Innovative Applique. (I've given you two links, to see 2 of the 4 quilts. The others are on the website.)

If any of my other friends are on the list and I missed you, I apologize. I am so THRILLED for you all!!! Wow. Can we spend more time together? I need to rub shoulders with you and absorb some of your quilting magic...just a little quilt dust, you won't feel a thing. ;)


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Anonymous said...

Your October step turned out to be a very attractive quilt. Congratulations.

I have completed all my quilt steps to date and just need to send you pictures/reports from them.

Thanks for the fabric gems you have been sending me. This has been a fun challenge. How many "followers" have you had?