Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Step

I know, I know: I'm late. I woke up, find that it's already October 10, and I haven't declared a Step. Is it because I don't have one? No, it is not. It is because I've been running around going a million miles a minute (yeah, right) and making feathers.

You KNOW I didn't make up the feathers part, I posted proof. I have pictures! :)

My plan for today was to do a number of "clean up" projects in the Studio, and maybe quilt another quilt-for-hire. But my plans just changed.

My Bernina 150 has been giving me some troubles, poor baby. I think I've about worn her out. I know she got tired of making feathers. The minute she was done, she was done. And she pooped out in class yesterday, although I was able to coax her into finishing the day. She just got back from the doctor.

He says, "Run her 'til she dies." Dies?!! I don't want her to die! She's my favorite!

But her problems are not obvious enough, so I need to run her today. A lot.

And so, instead of working on someone else's quilt, I will proceed with announcing and working on my October Step. It will be to quilt this quilt:

I know. My photos have been terrible of late. I think I'm getting lazy. Or maybe it's that getting the computer "cleaned up" means that downloading picture files now takes 7 steps instead of one. Once I finally get them on the computer and see how bad they are, I don't feel like taking more pictures.

This is the quilt I made in the Sue Rasmussen class earlier this year. Or was it last year? It's been basted for months, and now I know just what I want to do with it. The first step will be to quilt it. So, there you have it, my official October Step.

On a different note, our middle son has been home for a week, waiting for a "check in the mail." It finally came yesterday, so he's going back to Davis today. It's been fun to have him here, and I know that Charlie is going to miss his new favorite headrest. :)

That's all for now. I hope you have a weekend filled with creativity and progress!

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