Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pins & Needles

This morning our itty bitty sewing group met in Charlotte's Studio. It is the Studio of Charlotte, in her home, not a place of business. ohmygoodness, most of us would be green with envy. We each do what we can with our allotted space, but just think what we could do with the space she has!!!

I forgot to take the picture when we were all inside, with the lights on, at work, but here it is, a quick peek at her work space. It's so spacious!!!

This picture really doesn't do it justice. I'm going to have to take another picture next week. The room is very deep, with at least 3 sewing machines set up and ready to go. There is a bank of cabinets to hold her stash, and a large design wall. Everywhere you turn, there is something to inspire or something to turn that inspiration into reality.

In case you think this studio is just for show, it is not.

Four of us went out to lunch, then headed over to the Hanford Art Center. They are holding an Art Quilt Show, called "Pins & Needles." Charlotte has multiple pieces in the show, as do many of my friends. In fact, there are not many quilts currently hanging in the gallery whose creators I do not know.

This was the first of Charlotte's quilts that we came across:

Charlotte Rogers and her quilt

We turned another corner and found this one, which she started in a Melinda Bula class.

Charlotte and another quilt

There was a third, and a fourth. Unfortunately I was swept away by the quilts and did not take a good enough photo to be able to read the signage. Sorry about that!

Charlotte and her third quilt

As I said, I know most of the artists whose work was on display. If I were to take pictures of my favorites, this post would take three days to read. Instead, I took pictures of Charlotte's quilts and I took pictures of Anna's.

Anna is going to be the Featured Artist at our 2010 Best of the Valley Quilt Show. She has taken to art quilting like a duck to water, and each of her pieces demands some exploration.

I believe this particular piece was begun in a Rose Hughes class.

"Dreams of Yosemite"
Anna Koelewyn

Finally, this piece was one of my favorites. I am tempted to buy it. If it's still there in a couple of weeks, and if I'm still thinking about it, I might have to give in to that temptation.

"Earthquake: It's Not My Fault"
Anna Koelewyn

And that's it for today's post. Hope you enjoyed the show! :)


Lisa Ellis said...

Loved the show. Thanks for sharing. I love that "It's not my Fault". How clever.

quiltedtime said...

Is this an annual event? Hadn't heard
of it before. Nice art!