Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quilt 'til You Wilt, Coming Right Up

I've been on a mad dash to finish all the for-hire quilting before spending the weekend on my own work. That's right, I'm going retreating. I can hardly wait. Fun, fun, fun, there'd better not be snow!!!

I finished the last quilt, well, it was the last quilt, until I picked up another one, but this was the last one on my list on Monday. Now that I'm done, I'm going to pack.

The quilt is a bit larger than a twin-size. I don't have a bed available to display it on.

Here's a bit of a close-up of the quilting...

It really shows up best on the back.

I'm not sure I can deliver this before I leave, but hey, it won't be waiting for attention when I return. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.


Lisa Ellis said...

Have a great time on your retreat! I look forward to the pictures of your brand new projects.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at your quilting, you do that all on you "non-longarm" machine? I have done a few but can't figure how to keep it from puckering on the back. Any suggestions to a kindred quilter? Thanks Stacy

Suzanne Kistler said...

Hi Stacy,

The key to preventing puckers is in the pinning. If you check this blog entry

I've got pictures of my basting tables and a pretty thorough description. If you baste well and then stabilize the quilt with straight-line stitching with a walking foot, the puckers should not be a problem.