Monday, October 12, 2009

Venturing Outdoors

After the week of feather quilting, I've been a bit antsy. I still have PILES of work to be doing indoors, but the weather has been lovely of late. Not too hot, not too cold, it's just right. Goldilocks would love it. It's a bit chilly at night, and it warms in the day. Is this what they call Autumn?

It's been so unusual that one of my irises is promising a bloom. I bought this rhizome at the Sutton Iris Gardens at least two years ago. This is the first time it's attempting a bloom. It looks like it might be a purple somethingorother...

The outside kitties are snuggly buddies during the chilly nights. During the day, they fight until one of them screams. (It's usually Charlie. He's a big baby.)

Indoors, Malcolm thinks he's king.

But back to outdoors. Daniel was home for a week, and asked if I still wanted the brick walkway. I started it in July 2007, placed 6 or 8 bricks, and abandoned it. Yes, I want it, but not enough to actually do it...

He decided that he wanted to try his hand at bricklaying. My hero!!!

Here he is, as he's filling the cracks with sand.

This is what it looks like, with the sand in place.

And here he is, at the end of the path.

My hero!!!

"Mom? Do you like it?" Well, Daniel, what do you think?

I LOVE it!!!!

And now I need to get back in the house and get to work. Thanks for stopping by!

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